The many colors of Curaçao

Hato, North coast.
A collection of small plants and flowers on rocks of lava and coral tuff.
In the afternoon, the sun makes all colors shine.

two young ones in hummingbird nest

We hope the nest is well hidden so no cat can find it. We will follow how they grow up. 

A few days without rain; birds come to drink and bath

yellow warbler  - para de misa

black-faced grass quit - mófi

banana quit - barika hel and saffron finch

saffron finch

verreaux duif, mourning dove  - ala duru

bare-eyed pigeon - ala blanka

saffron finch preparing for a dive into the pond

black-faced grass quit - mófi

chestnut-sided warbler

water thrush (warbler)

rufus-colared sparrow - roodkraaggors - chonchorogai