Lady beetle Cycloneda devestita. June 3, 2017. Janwe / Korporaal. 11.00 am.

This a picture of the first one I saw in Curaçao. San Sebastian. Size: about 1cm.

Today, we saw a smaller one, 3mm, on the coffee table outside. We put it on a kitchentowel and it stayed there for 15 minutes before it flew off.
Smart phone pictures. Not many pixels.

Just before dark, taking turns, at the pond

Three young Saffron finches splashing away

Black-faced grassquit, looking for a chance to get a little water too

Banana-quit, in the Aloe

Yellow warbler

Bare-eyed pigeon - Naaktoogduif

Rufous-collared sparrow - Andesmus

Young Black-faced grassquit, waiting in the Yuca

White-tipped Dove - Verreaux duif

Mockingbird - Spotvogel

Ischnura ramburii - juffer

Rambur's forktail - Ischnura ramburii

Coenagrionidae, damselfly family. Males are green with blue, females are orange-red, olive green, or similar to males.

Bird pond visitors. Saffron finches and Rufous-collared sparrow.

The Rufous-collared sparrows are careful and stay at the side of the pond.
The finches go splashing in the deeper part in the middle of the pond.